Book Review: Designs for Guys

Disclaimer: Drew is my co-crochet expert on Knit and Crochet Today. And we both are on the CGOA Professional Committee together. Plus he is my buddy at all the conferences, we bonded at being about the same stage in our careers and share experiences and the like. But really you should know upfront, I just adore Drew.

By Drew Emborsky

I knew the moment I pre-ordered the book at Amazon, I was going to love it. I mean, it's Drew's baby. Of course, I am going to love it. So for a unbiased opinion, I asked Mr. CBF to tell me what were his favorite and least favorite projects in the book.

The Goods:

There are a ton of projects in this book. I have no idea how they got them all in there, but they totally did. There are so many that I would say there is some project in there for any guy in your life, from grandpa to nephew. Both Mr. CBF and I agreed our favorite sweater was the Finale Argyle (middle right). I love the use of color in it. My favorite Drew styles are his cables. He always finds a way to make them interesting and wearable, and there a bunch of sweaters with cables in the book. Plus, they made them easier to follow by putting in the stitch diagrams for the cables, which you know I love. My other favorite project in the book is the Convertible Cover blanket (bottom right). I think it is genius of him to alternate the right and wrong sides of the squares, which creates such a neat overall look.

The Hums:

The projects that did not resonate with Mr. CBF where the golf club heads and the sweater Pure Comfort. I totally was surprised by this, I thought he was going to choose something else as his least favorite. So it just goes to show, you have to let them pick out what they like; since they might surprise you. As for the golf club heads, that was just a little reminder Mr CBF was giving me that he really would like me to create him some of my own. But in honest, we know men that would enjoy that sweater; so really even though there may be a project that one guy might not like, there are a bunch more that he probably will. You will just have to check out the book to see what I mean.


Sweaters and Vests- 15
Tie, Belt, Slippers- 3
Home Items (Blankets, golf club covers, shammies) - 4
Scarf and Hat - 4

All in all, Drew, it is a great book. Thank you so much for your hard work. I know many men that will enjoy it!

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