Wired for the Weekend

Julie in Wire
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I spent time yesterday playing with wire and beads for my class this coming Sunday at Yarntopia in Houston.

I have not played with wire in a while, and had such a good time playing.

I played with the size of the wire and size of the hook. So far, my favorite is 32 gauge beading wire. It is really thin and stringy, but still has the crinkily properties of regular wire. The resulting jewelry came out like a fabric vs tin-foil.

Then I played with beads. I played with embroidering them on afterwards and crocheting them in as I went. I'll have to show you more pics of my beauties later.

If you have not played with wire or any non-yarn/thread, I totally recommend it. It is just so much fun experimenting with unusual materials.

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Unknown said...

I, too, recently started crocheting with wire -- so fun! I made a cool sparkly necklace.

btw, I just love your designs!