Into the Woods Sneak Peek

Into the Woods Sneak Peek
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This project I literally finished at 9pm last night, boxed and placed a shipping label on it. It has been quite the project for both Ginny and I over the last few weeks.

If you couldn't tell, it is a Men's Project. I'm not going to say what it is yet, you will have to wait for that. Now with most menswear, it is a challenge to crochet. It is like crocheting an afghan worth of material. Guys like things large and not clingy for the most part. Since models usually don't have a tiny ribcage, that means a large size. Mr. CBF thankfully is a model size and it is always fantastic that he will be a sport for me and try on my men's designs. Honestly, I really have to thank Ginny for doing such a nice job crocheting this since she had the task of the heavy lifting. This weekend I had the task of finishing. I crocheted the miles of ribbing and hand sewn the 4 zippers. (yes, that's right it has 4 zippers!) (And yes, I am THRILLED to be finished hand sewing!)

What we both like most about it is the texture. I'm a big one for texture on Men's projects. Not crazy texture, no 3-D effect please; but something subtle. This texture was a swatching victory for me. I knew I wanted something simple, yet still make it look like thermal. In the end, all I needed to do was vary which loop I crocheted in and this hearty fabric appeared. Yeah!

It is thankfully being whisked to the publisher right now, I'll let you know where it ends up as soon as I can.


Ginny said...

And I am THRILLED not to have been asked to do the handsewing! It's another awesome project.. my dh was hinting what color he'd like it in!

Michelle said...

It looks great! Can't wait to see the whole thing.