Mumzy Sneak Preview

Mumzy Sneak Preview
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I realized this morning I have been very bad at keeping up with all my sneak previews. I have been literally sewing in ends of one project and immediately chaining on for the next. I have finished up a number of projects the last few days, and am finally pausing long enough so I can share.

This project is a fun one. It is for a magazine's Winter Issue. I will let it slip that its going in a mainly knitting magazine, but don't want to say more about what it is. The fun thing about doing crochet in a mainly knitting magazine is getting to do sculptural projects like this; since in knitting this would be hard but in crochet its really beginner.

The yarn is Sheep Shop Number one which is great for quick projects. You will be seeing a bunch of projects this fall from me using their yarn so stay tuned!

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