Book Review: New Pathways for Sock Knitters

Book Review:

Ok, I am converted. I see the light. I get it. I was so opposed to socks, I can't explain it. It all stemmed from my abhorrence of knitting or crocheting anything twice. What can I say? I have multiple project syndrome (MPS). But then I took a class with Cat at TNNA, b/c I love learning new techniques, and I figured I have to give socks a try sometime. Well, I'm hooked. And what a better book then hers to give you the tools to make socks for a lifetime.

The Goods:
Cat describes the socks in the form of architecture, not patterns, which to me is music to my ears. You learn why putting all your increases for a toe-up sock on the bottom of the sole will curve it with the foot’s arch. Or how you can get fancy and have the increases curl all the way around the foot in Coriolis. Really her descriptions are brilliant. And most of the techniques totally transfer to crochet, once you understand the concepts. She also spends a great deal of time describing increases and decreases in detail and in picture form (and she has YouTube Videos as well), all which make even the nervous knitter (like I am) comfortable. If that wasn't enough, Cat completely charts out sock sizes from newborn to Man's 15 and every size in between. As well as complete directions for you to customize the sock to your exact size. So Great! As you can tell, Larry over there has quite enjoyed my progress in this book. (I find knitting socks such a great exercise for my hands after crocheting (or editing) all day.) Oh, and I didn't even mention that even with all this worthy instructions, she gives us beautiful patterns too. (like Rushing Rivulet Below).
The Hums:
Mmm, Nothing. Really. Oh and did I mention that she is already working on the sequel to this?
The Lowdown:
Sock Architecture- 8
Sock Patterns- 37
(Ok really, I'll go finish up the book's edits now....well maybe I'll just knit one more round.)


SAM said...

Hi! It's been a long time since I have commented here. I totally agree about Sasha's book. I love just looking at it. I'm loving the pink banded sweater! Finally, I appreciate your insights on teaching/learning sock knitting. I have reworked our sock class and (as a former nurse) teach it in terms of "sock anatomy" rather than teaching to a pattern. Take care!

YarnThing said...

hey girl! Knowing that the all mighty YOU hasn't tried to crochet a pair of socks yet I just had to start a pair! LOL

Also, guess what!!! I was lucky enough to score a japanese stitch book from another ravery person inexchange for some sock yarn in my stash! Pretty cool huh? Like it was meant to be ;-)

Hope to talk to you soon!