Book Review: Crochet Inspiration

Book Review:
by Sasha Kagan

The title is true to form. This book has a lot of crochet inspiration in each page. You certainly won't be disappointed if you are looking for some lovely crochet. It’s part stitch dictionary, part patterns. Sasha is a quite established knitwear designer, and each page oozes with her talent and love of fiber.

The Goods:

The photography! Oh, it’s so lovely. Now some of the swatches needed blocked, and a few are wrong side up- but in general the photography is lovely. And I don't know about you, but some days its just lovely pictures that I am craving. I really like the pages like these, to the right, that show 4 swatches all blended together. Talk about easily seeing how stitch patterns go together. I just may use that to in designing. Sasha is a smart woman, because she gives us stitch diagrams. And a ton! Stitch diagrams are definitely one of those must haves in stitch dictionaries for me, since I am a bit dyslexic and some directions can confound me. I also love her choice of color and texture in the yarns she uses to swatch. Her color combination alone is a lot of inspiration.

The Hums:

There are not a ton of stitches and motifs that are new to me; but keep in mind, I am obsessed with stitch dictionaries. So if you don't have that many, this one would be worth it. I will say there was at least one little flower I haven't see before (to the right) that is just adorable.
The Lowdown:
Stitch Patterns- 97
Motifs and Grannies- 65
Flowers- 32
Patterns- 11


Michelle said...

I love that you have reviewed this book - I borrowed it from my library today. With the quick flick through I have made so far, it looks to be fascinating! I could do with a bit more challenge in my crochet!

Unknown said...

I really enjoyed this book, I'm glad to see you review it and share your thoughts! I thought it was beautifuly photographed. I'd like to be an owner of that book...but I'd love to own just about any crochet book ;)