Top Ten Things to Pack when going to TNNA

Top 10 things to Pack when going to TNNA in CA and you live in OH

(aka, what Robyn needs to make sure she has in her suitcases before stumbling onto the plane)

1. Comfortable Walking Shoes.-- Ahh, the endless quest for comfortable walking shoes. I have pretty much given up on finding comfortable heels, which stinks when you are as short as I am. But better to be able to see straight at the end of the day, then look good.

2. Pepto Bismol-- The tiny pink savior for the quickie commuter flight in the last leg of my itinerary. My niece knows first hand how "great" my stomach is with bumpy flights.

3. Homework--YAY! I am getting to take 2 classes while I am in CA. One from Cat Bordhi on sock architecture, which I am SO excited to take. (Mainly, b/c Amy took it last year and it looked so cool I was so jealous). The second is color theory from Brandon Mably where I need to pack 12 balls of yarn all in different colors. Wow, that's a lot of color. I wanted to try to push myself out of my mono-color zone into something more fun.

4. Business Cards- Portfolio- Project Pictures- All the items normal business people won't leave home with out. I would totally forget.

5. Snacks- Good ones too. You never know if you are going to crave salt, sweet, or caffeine; so instead of being a cranky gus (which my family knows how "lovely" I am when I am cranky) I better have something on hand. I am packing Republic of Tea, Acia green tea. I got some for Christmas and have enjoyed ea cup so much.

6. Projects to Crochet. Big surprise. But as you all know, I have run out in the past. So this time, I am not packing light. I am packing heavy.

7. Book on Ipod. I love books on tape. My favorite right now is "Lost and Found" by Carolyn Parkhurst. Light reading/ listening. I also love silly teen novels, like anything from Meg Cabot. Easy to listen too is key, otherwise I miss too much when I am crocheting.

8. New Anthropologie Outfit- Aka my excuse to go get one. I only let myself one new top or sweater from them every 6 months- otherwise my entire paycheck would be theres.

9. Chapstick, Breath Mints, Excedrin- The typical survival tools for a talker. Nothing worse then trying to have a conversation without anyone of those when you really need one of those.

10. New EnV Phone- Ok, so you iPhone owners won't find that cool. But for us, we just couldn't afford the new iPhone including switching away from Verizon which all our family and friends have (aka free minutes). But this much much cheaper version (its the earlier version of the Voyager), does everything I love. Email, directions, GPS, finds restaurants, and of course is a phone. Super handy when I can't find a wifi signal and I really need to send an email.

Now if I remember to pack all this tonight, I'll be in great shape. I am so looking forward to this weekend. On Thursday, when I fly out; my layover is so long that I am meeting my best friend in Phoenix for lunch. How cool is that? That we are going to get to do lunch together. Then of course is "the show" as I call it. 3 days of constant yarn, fiber, crochet, book, magazine chatter. Nothing more fun then that.

Hope all of your weekends are fun too!

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Pam said...

I wish I could be there, have fun! -Pam