Number 17

3 tired people; 1 of them tiny
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Over the weekend I became an aunt for the 17th time. Yes, that's not a typo, I now have 17 nieces and nephews. And I can tell you honestly, I am as excited for Joni Marie to join our posse as I was for all the others.

So you all know what that means.... Baby crochet! Do I want to make a cardi, or booties, or a snuggly, or some toys; or go practical and make washclothes and diapers. Not Sure. Just so excited!


X said...

Ooh...SO tiny! Babies make everything better.

Ginny said...

Congrats to the whole extended family! I have 24 nieces & nephews (only 2 are on my dh's side). They're all great!

juliloquy said...

Thanks for spreading the joy! Crocheted diapers - now that would be high class. I know something else you could make for little Joni . . . how about a new cousin? :)

Can't wait to see you!