Lets step back in time

To a time when long flowing dresses, hippy vests, and peasant skirts where all the rage. For when we all rushed out to watch Forest Gump catch some shrimp with Lt Dan, and listened to Sheryl Crow sing about all she wants to do. I was in high school driving my brothers car that would stall unless you keep your foot on the gas at all times, even while braking- it was a beauty.

All of these memories bounced immediately back into my head as soon as I opened Vogue Knitting, Crochet 1994.
I picked this back issue up over at the Vogue Knitting Store. I was intrigued by the cover sweater, since so much of my work is granny squares. But man, I stayed for the memories. I am pretty sure you will not crochet any garment out of here right now, but I can pretty much guarantee - like most things in fashion, one day all of them will be popular again, and will be well worth the 7$. I especially like the long vests. I owned 2 when I was in high school. I thought I was so cool, mixing an matching them with all my clothes. But I think we all can agree, the absolute best piece is the body suit. I think this is when I snorted my coffee out my nose. Really, a body suit. I never have worn a body suit (I was way to body conscience in HS), but I sure can remember when they were in. And I know they will be in again. SO you really should treat yourself and pick up this mag, before it becomes too hard to find, because the memory jog alone will make your day.
It sure did mine.


juliloquy said...

Was that car the legendary Herman? Or have there been other infamous cars in the family collective over the years?

Robyn said...

Well there has been many legends in the family.

There was my very un-cool "Big Boss" Van- that I drove for painting and to college.

There was the shadow, that Ryan totaled.

But before all of those, their was Chris's Red Chevy from Nana. That Chris, Jeff, Ryan, and I all drove at one point, until it became a planter in their driveway.

Mary Jane Hall said...

I have that Vogue magazine, Robyn! (bought it brand new back in 94') and it's been one of my favorites over the years !