Switching Boats Mid Stream

chelsea small motif
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I spent all week swatching for the scarf I told you about and planning out this really cute jacket for the book. I love everything about the jacket; the great basic yarn, the simple pattern stitch, the construction, everything! Well, everything but the fact that no matter how much I try, I just can not imagine the construction properly.

I knew that mind melt/ swatch bender was going to get me in trouble!

So I threw in the towel. I said "Uncle". I raised my white flag and moved on. I never do that in design (in WIP- yes, but designing-no). Still, I needed a quickie and a winner and I needed it fast.

This morning; refreshed from my sad day yesterday. I banged this sweater design out. Probably the quickest design yet, I must be getting good at these motifs, huh? Its another granny square sweater, (seeing an theme? you didn't hear it from this little birdie that I have a theme ;) ), this time with Lily Chin's Chelsea. Boy oh boy does Lily know how to make great crocheting yarns. Cottons are lighter, wools don't split- really you should go check them out.

Bad news? Well not really bad. Its back to the drawing board (aka AutoCad) for that pretty jacket, now that I finished this design so quickly. But I'm making lemonade with my lemons, and going to crack a nice bottle of wine open, turn on a movie, and crochet my ideas out instead of sketching and banging my head on the table. *UPDATE* That lemonade I made sure did the trick! Jacket is back in action, and I am enjoying so much getting to crochet it myself.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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Stefanie said...


Sounds like a good save!!

I can't wait to see this BOOK!!!!

Robyn said...

thank you!

and I can't wait for your new one!