Designer's Deluge

I can only explain my actions the last few days as experiencing the complete opposite of writer's block: DESIGNER'S DELUGE.

I have one quite simple task. Design a scarf with a pretty blue wool.

Easy, right?

mind meltThis is what I have crocheted so far. Yup that's over a dozen swatches, about 2 skeins of yarn. And not one is quite right.

What is wrong with me? Its like I can't turn the faucet off up there in my brain. Wish me luck that I can turn it off or at least put a tourniquet on it for the weekend, so I can get some good work done on the book.

(The good part of the deluge, is that even though none of those are right for the scarf. Each one is great for something else. I see a belt up there, a couple of shawls, a sweater, a blanket and more.)


Stefanie said...

leave your faucet on and just run a sprinkler over to MY tired brain!


Robyn said...

sure- no problem!