Buttons can make or break your project.
So needless to say, I am constantly on the look-out for interesting buttons.
I personally prefer vintage buttons; but when designing that's a big no-no since I have to look out for the customer, in that they can re-create exactly what I made (if they want to).
While surfing today, I came upon some neat vintage inspired/ easily purchased ones.

These are 1940's inspired plastic turquoise buttons. I could see them on a funky cropped jacket.

These are geometric fashion buttons. They remind me of my Bubbie's buttons, she was always super stylish and in vogue in every decade.

These are lacy and delicate, like almost everything I crochet. I could see me using these on a dress as a side detail.

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Tami said...

Actually, a friend of mine who sews quite a bit has taken me out on button hunts. It's more fun that most people would think, whether in a large store or a thrift shop. I'm sure her husband thinks we're nuts though... I'm going to have to share these with her, as she's always looking for vintage stuff, but it gets pricey. Thanks for sharing!