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This is my brand spanking new toy from my hubbie. He wanted me to have something that I could listen to my podcasts on while I work out, instead of the annoying Golds Gym music.

I apologize if any of you were working out with me tonight. I tend to talk to my podcasts. I wasn't grimacing at you or laughing at you. It was the podcast's fault.

What was I listening to?

I pretty much only listen to two kinds of shows, either its NPR or crochet/knitting. Tonight was This American Life (which I love) and Ready, Set, Knit (they were interviewing Lily Chin). Both are worth a listen. I love Lily. Her background in crochet and fashion is really neat. I was so into my new toy, that I listened thru my workout, while buying groceries, while fighting to find a parking spot, while making soup (and Mmm it was yummy), and up to turning on my TiVo. I iLuv.

Speaking of TiVo. Guess who was on mine yesterday:

Cecily! She was on Knitty Gritty doing entrelac. Very cool. (side note, entralac is awesome. Esp with tunisian crochet).

Oh, and did you check out Uncommon Threads today? Afya Ibomu, Get Your Hook On!, was on showing how to make some of her cool hats. Don't you love the new format of the show?


Tiffy McN said...

Be CAREFUL Robyn. I tried to listen to podcasts at the gym once. I think it was "On the Media." DANGEROUS. I got so intrigued by what they were saying that I completely forgot to keep running. And almost fell off the back of the treadmill. I'd stick to music if I were you. Miss you guys!

Robyn said...

That's so funny. Because I was doing something simular. When I got really pissed off- I would go so hard on the elliptical, I thought I was going to rip off the handles.