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There's nothing like a good snow.

Unfortunately, for me and Faye, Cincinnati doesn't get much of what the locals call "white death". Shame, b.c we LOVE it!

As I write this watching the snow fall (if we are lucky we should get 5 inches-- keep those fingers crossed!) and commuters freaking out trying to get home and kids skipping around home from school, I get so happy. It must be the little touch of home (I'm from PA originally). The mixture of other people's anxieties and kids' excitement, it just makes me grin really big.

Well I must have been channeling this snow this weekend. Instead of doing sensible things, like taxes or cleaning or actual work, I started crocheting these snowflakes from some DK alpaca yarn. I have no idea it they are going to be a cardi or shawl or something else entirely, but for right now they make me smile.


Amy O'Neill Houck said...

We're hoping for snow tonight too! You and your crazy motifs! I don't know how you have the patience for those beautiful things! Amazing. :-)

monica brown said...

I just stumbled upon your blog a couple weeks ago, and your designs are great! I love the idea of crocheted snow. I had a similar thought to do something based on the various types of snow. I found this website which shows all the types of snow crystals. How about a "crochet by faye" bolero of various snow crystals?


Rina said...

Lovely work. Since you like motifs... have you ever checked out Japanese crochet motif books? I found some beautiful ones at a J. bookstore in S.F.--including a 300-motif collection. They all use international stitch charts.

Robyn said...


And I would love some Japanese book, but I haven't been lucky enough to come apon any. But I am always keeping my eye out for them!