Do you Craft Sanity?

Ok, I'm addicted.

The first step is admitting right?

I love podcasts! And I adore Craft Sanity!

I have recently listened to some great interviews (and please- I'm super behind- I know I am), but I still adored listening to them. I love hearing about everyone's backgrounds and passions and life goals. Its really uplifting and inspiring.

Some of my favorites:

Jessica Vitkus- who has had the ultimate cool jobs in my generation. Working for Pop up video, the Daily show, and (my new favorite job) Martha Stewarts craft room. Totally cool.

Natalie Zee- who is the associate editor of CRAFT. And since I recently got to meet her, I can say honestly she is that nice in person too.

Drew Emborsky- the Crochet Dude. Who I adore. When you meet him in person, you instantly fall in love with him. It was so cool to find out that he was a professional painter, as I was too.


Robyn said...

We can start a support club, Annette!

I also really like This American Life.

lulubird6 said...

I, too, am a CraftSanity freak. I also listen to CraftyPod, Crafty Chica an Unwound. Many of the crafting podcasts are knitting oriented, which is good, but since I don't knit, kinda not really my thing. The Jessica Vitkus is so far, my favorite one of all. I, too, am behind, but only have about 6 more to go before I'm completely caught up!