Bridesmaid Bolero

Bridesmaid Bolero
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One of my best friend's from college is getting married this spring. She picked out a cute strapless dress for all us bridesmaids. Which we will all look beautiful in, except for dancing (which we plan on doing a lot of), when we will sure to show a bit to much. So, I was nominated to design us a little top that we can throw on after we change into our dancing bra.

This is my idea so far.

Its a short sleeved bolero made from granny squares. The squares are very Gothic inspired (Side notes: See almost all of us in the wedding are architects or engineers or construction managers and that all my girlfriends and I in the wedding went on this amazing trip to Europe when we were babies years ago and fell in love with every city we saw.-- that's why I thought Gothic would be fitting). I see doing each bridesmaid's top in a different yarn so that we all look the same but different. Like one in silk one in mohair. I think I am going to do a light gray or natural color. (our shoes are silver and dress and sash is navy- GO STATE!)

My hope is that they will be able to wear these all again. What do you think?


Megan said...

Looks like it's gonna be fabulous!

Amy O'Neill Houck said...

The sketch is beautiful!! I love the idea of being able to let your hair (or boobs) down after the ceremony. Good thing you're changing yarns--so you don't go crazy making the same garment a gazillion times ;-) Can you recruit other bridesmaids to help crochet?

Lisa said...

ooh! i love it! and you can recruit this bridesmaid to help crochet! I think it would fuN! I"m trying to be more bi-textural! ~L

Drew aka The Crochet Dude said...

Looks fantastic!!

Robyn said...

Thank you everyone!

Lisa- I am so glad you are on board! I hope KT likes them too. Now I just have to get Crystal to make her own too.