Sneak Preview Monday

Crochet Today's Men's Vest + Crochet Me's Crystal Bolero + Cute Cabled Purse + Tutorial Hand View Shot= Sneak Preview Monday
Today's sneak preview is not of another finished project, but of something (really, really, really) cool that I am going to be doing in January. I haven't heard the word that I can spill the beans yet, so this preview will have to suffice and you will have to just use your imagination. Just know that I am so excited about this amazing opportunity, that my heart has fluttered ever since I have found out. The best part that even if I didn't get the opportunity to do this, I'd still be jumping up and down; meaning that you crocheters are going to be SO excited too. Oh holding it in may just kill me!
Hint: I, one, have to go get a manicure (which if you know me- I never do); two, have to figure out how to lose these extra 20 pounds in two weeks (not as important- in my house, more weight = more of you to love); and three, crochet like a mad woman.
Any Guesses?
Update: I almost forgot. Since next Monday is Christmas, Sneak Preview will be moved to Tuesday. (Yup, we're equal opportunity religious supporters in my household. We celebrate it all!)

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Amy O'Neill Houck said...

I think I know... Does it involve Candy?? :-)