This is my Grandma's Crochet

The best thing about the holidays to me is going home and enjoying time with my families.

Doesn't it always seem that no matter how long you have been away, it always feels completely natural to be back at home. I think that has a lot to do with all the precious heirlooms that we all have. In my family, they are not crystal or china, but my grandma's crochet and my bubbie's embroidery. Even though, I have lived my whole life with them, I still adore gazing at the pieces. Somehow I can just picture them making them.

This afghan is at least 24 years old, b/c it was my brother's baby blanket. And even though, I think the colors are a bit odd; I always think how my grandma was so right on with the style back then. But forget the color, look at the stitches. After decades of abuse from all my siblings, the stitches are still perfect.

It makes me smile, and think gosh. I have a lot to learn to make my crochet as lasting as hers.


juliloquy said...

What a coincidence - we used that very blanket for Shmooie on New Year's Eve. He slept really well . . . must be all the love soaked into the stitches.

Robyn said...


It has been well loved by every member of the Brown Family at one point or another.