Weekend Cozy

What a weekend.
I crocheted like a mad woman. For a good 8 hours straight on Saturday. I used all my tricks. You know, like timing to see how fast you can complete a row then trying to beat it. Well, that was great, except every time I was going around, I was thinking....Man, I really don't like this top. Then finally the bell went on....

Robyn, you're the designer. You don't like it, then fix it. (With a big whap up side my head).

SO I spent the next hour ripping it all out. Not all, but a good 2 skeins worth. Very Very painful. A big margarita gave me the courage to continue. Re-calculated and re-designed. And now a full 24 hours later. I'm at the same point I was on Friday. So disappointing (since I have to send this out on Wednesday- which means- no sleep for me the next few nights), but the top is SO much better.

In this fury, I needed a quickie to make me feel better. And what's a better quickie... then a cozy? : )
We live in a very old house with doors that close on their own due to settlement. So we have a lot of doorstops.
This one was made by my sweetie, we thought the hand print cast in concrete was cute to hold open the door. Cute yes, smart probably not. Concrete and our wood floors really didn't like each other, and the floors bear the "love".
Not to worry, this crocheting mad woman came to the rescue, and 15 min later.
It was Cozied.
Now, still cute and no scratching.


Unknown said...

The top looks beautiful! BTW, I forgot ti tell you that I wore the sweater you designed for Catwalk Crochet on some promos that'll air on DIY & HGTV. :-) xo, Vickie

Robyn said...

That so cool! I will be hunting it down on DIY, to see how it looks. Thanks for letting me know!

Amie said...

I like the top too. Sorry to hear it's become a beast of burden. It's always maddening having to frog and restart and then not like the re-do. I'm sure you'll get it right though.