Ok, ok, Uncle

Ok, I'll admit it. I can't do it all. I need help.

Work has been coming in and coming in and coming in. And I am so excited about every project that there was no way I could turn it all down. But now, with a clear head, I am really going to need help. And I don't think trying to crochet with my toes or teaching Faye will work.


Calling all Contract Crocheters...
I have 2 projects that I need a bit (read a ton) of help on. I can provide you the pattern and yarn. The deadlines are fastly approaching, so I would need you now. One has a deadline in a month, the other two months. They both are garments and both are made from wool.

If you are interested, please email me. Include a little about if you have experience doing this kind of work, or a link to show of your past crochet work. We can chat about the fee I can pay you, and more about the project and deadlines.

I truly truly appreciate anyone that can help.

Maybe I can start to pull my head out from under these pretty great covers.


MrsFife said...

I'd love to help you! I think your designs are fabulous.
Unfortunately with me being India, it probably wouldn't work :(
All the best and hope you get some lovely crocheters to work with you.

Jeannette said...

What are the projects?

Robyn said...

Great Question-
One is a shawl made from a bunch of motifs joined together. The other is a vest.

Thanks for the offer Mrs Fife, but yes, India is a big far. Thanks though!

Mindtreasury said...

I've never done contract crochet or knitting but would be interested for future work. I range from intermediate to experienced on both. Can you provide me with details on the types of articles, time frame, compensation, yarn types, etc?

Robyn said...

Thanks for the offer everyone! I found the crocheters I need. All your support is greatly appreciated! All the best-Robyn

Amie said...


Reminds me of that funny Christmas movie where the kid sticks his tongue to a flag pole and it gets caught on there (The Christmas Story?) I love that movie.