Got Yarn?......I do!

After a rough workout yesterday, I came home to a surprise that made me want to jump up and down a whole lot more then my aerobics instructor.

I came home to these: OH YEAH!

The poor hubbie got lug the 4 boxes in. Yup, I got so much yarn they came in boxes. (the last box was a surprise I bought on Target for us, so much for a surprise, when he beats you home) He (who in undeniably the best supporter I have) looked terribly worried at the sheer volume. Not so much for storage, but in knowing that he will literally not see me until spring.

I am SO excited! (Can you tell, I couldn't hold still to take the first picture) All this beautiful yarn is for designs for another book I am helping with. I am totally daydreaming about how much fun it is going to be to work with all this great stuff. Especially since most of it is either wool or alpaca, and I get to play in the winter (instead of the summer - I usually play with the warm yams in the summer and cool yarns in the winter- since most magazine publishers work 6 months in advance).

Plus, I am on the finishing stages of my IC project and frankly was starting to come up with 54 other projects I could do (like finishing the kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel or cleaning or any of those silly little things). But nope, I get to play.


Sheila said...

I am totally experiencing an adrenaline rush.. just looking at those beautiful yarn colors.

Amie said...

Yummy yarns!