Design Process

When I started designing, I was really in the dark on how it all works. So I thought I would share my latest project with you all, and what sort of process I am on now.

It all starts with an idea in my case, tons of ideas. (If you are a regular reader, you know that I am inspired and grab ideas from all sorts of venues.)

I then translate them to a sketch and swatch. Like this:

I write up a cute little diddy, make a pdf of everything, and send it out as my proposal.

Now if technology works (which can be hit or miss for me- sometimes PDF's like me other times it transforms my words to a higher power language) and the editor/publisher loves my proposal and emails me back. They may email the next day or 2 months from when I send it in. I think its fun, mainly b/c when they do email, its like a nice little surprise in my inbox. This design was about a month wait. Long enough to be a big surprise, that put a smile on by face all day.

Next is compromising time. Almost always, the editor needs to change the yarn. Mainly to use something they want to feature, but sometimes to make a winter garment a summer one. And usually, the color will change too. That's usually so that the book or magazine looks more cohesive. (I never understood this before designing. I always thought the designer used exactly what they wanted in every case. And well, I was just plain wrong.)

So for this design, I proposed a really nice wool in navy and olive. To fit with the publication, its going to be a cotton in aqua and lime. Totally different feel and look. From a winter look to a summer one.

My thoughts on changing yarns? Sure, why not. I'm happy to work. I'm not dedicated to any one design scheme. And here, we get really great stitch definition to boot.

Next step is the swatching again, and the start of the pattern, and that my friends will be for next time...

Why? Because its mini-update time...

Your trusty Crochet By Faye, is going to be a bit lighter then normal for the next 2 months. I have gotten even more projects accepted, so I am going to be crocheting like mad, instead of blogging as much as I do. Life at home will be nuts (b/c why shouldn't it?), with hosting Thanksgiving and finishing the kitchen (if you want a peak) and bathroom remodel. But the end of the tunnel, will be awesome. A whole slue of my patterns in all sorts of venues and an operational house! I'll be a happy girl. Till then, remember that you love me and I'll post when I can, and give you tons of sneak peaks on all my projects along the way.

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