Crochet Flowers Workshop

I don't know about you, but here in Pittsburgh we need a bit of Spring.  If you feel the same way, Interweave and Craft Daily just released my latest workshop that might help bring a bit of spring to your house even if it still looks like winter outside.

Crochet Flowers

In this mini-workshop, we walk through 5 flower motifs.  Each flower starts in the center and works its way out; but that's where the similarities end.  Each flower walks you through a different technique to make great flowers.  We talk about front/ back/ and middle loops; we play with short rows, and how to make easy color changes.  At the end, we talk about the many ways you can use flowers; in jewelry, as hair pins, as embellishments, in sweaters, and even in blankets.   Of course along the way, I talk about how to read patterns and use those super helpful stitch diagrams.  I have tried to pack in as much knowledge as I could in an hour; so that you can crochet yourself an entire garden of colorful vibrant blossoms.

You can see a preview of the class at Craft Daily.

You can get a kit to make 2 of all the flowers (that's 10 total) over at Amelia and Wiggles.  Their colorful hand dyed yarn it what first inspired all these flowers.

Hope you enjoy and these bring a bit of spring to your home too!

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