Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival 2015

Its that time of year again!  

Pittsburgh's Knit and Crochet Festival

March 27-29, 2015

This year the fun is moving downtown to give more room for all the great yarn and fiber there is to see and touch!  I am looking forward to the change, I think it will be fun to try something new in a new space.  

Amelia & Wiggles and I are again teaming up to bring you an even larger and more crochet centered booth.  Our good friend, Drew Emborsky, is going to be joining us to take our little booth into the "crochet SUPER booth" zone.  You can definitely expect all the items we had in the past.  We will have all my books, DVDs, and patterns.  Amelia and Wiggles will be bringing crochet kits and their wonderful hand dyed yarn.  We will have some goodies like in past years.  Little items that we know can be hard to find but we love to use.   Drew will be adding his crochet goodies; and, of course, his wonderful infectious charm.  Oh man, we are going to have fun!  You have to come stop by.

As in previous years, I will be teaching throughout the festival.  Drew will be teaching as well.  So if you can't find us, we might be in class; but please stop by Rebecca and Karen will LOVE to chat with you.  They are the best crocheters (and knitters) I know, they love everything to do with yarn and you are going to have a great time no matter what when you come by. 

My classes this year are all brand new.  COMPLETELY!  

Crocheting with Variegated Yarn
Friday 1:30-4:30
Do you have a gorgeous ball of yarn sitting in your yarn basket just waiting to be crocheted; but you don’t know what to do with it?  Come along to this crocheting with variegated yarn class and we will explore all the ways to make great projects.  We will learn about short rows, colorwork crochet, crocheting on bias, and making motifs. This class is for the intermediate level student, must know how to chain, single crochet, and double crochet.  I might have to drag Rebecca in for part of this class.  We are going to be looking at what looks good in variegated yarns by crocheting, but she knows the scientific reasons why they do.  Good thing since she makes the yarn. I will definitely have some of their beauties in class if you wanted to purchase them. 

Crocheting with Color
Saturday 9-12
Come get a taste of how to get powerful results in all your crochet colorwork projects. We will discuss the simplicity of mosaic crocheting, the joy of slip stitch embroidery, and easy ways to stay on track in charted color. This class will get you excited about color and give you inspiration to go have a color explosion. This class is for the intermediate level student, must know how to chain, single crochet, and double crochet.  This class is an extension of a one hour mini class I taught a few years ago.  3 times as much time to crochet, we are going to have a great time!

Tunisian Crochet Lace and Entrelac
Saturday 2-5
Often confused with both knitting and crochet, Tunisian crochet is an art form all unto itself making the most unique woven fabric. In class we will remind ourselves how to make the basic stitches, then dive into crocheting lace and entrelac. We will discuss Tunisian Crochet stitch diagrams and tips to making the most beautiful fabric. This class is for the intermediate level student, must know how to Tunisian Simple stitch, chain, single crochet, and double crochet.  I won't lie, I am really excited for this class. I love teaching Tunisian, it is so fun and we are going to do some cool things with it here!

Creative Crochet Motifs
Sunday 12:30-3:30
Crochet motifs are one of the most recognizable shapes in crafting, but what can you do with them?  In class, we will walk through a number of projects to show you how creative we can get.  We will talk about ways to display just one in artwork, or making it into a bowl, or even fun earrings.  We will learn how easy it is to put a number together to make a great sweater or afghan. This class is for the intermediate level student, must know how to chain, single crochet, and double crochet.  Sunday is always a good day for an inspiration and not a brain drain class,  This is the one,  We are going to look at a million different was to combine and make motifs.  And my hope is everyone leaves ready to make their masterpiece. 

I really hope I get to see you in Pittsburgh this year! 

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Sylvia (Sissy) Alton said...

I bought your book crochet stitches visual encyclopedia 300 stitches patterns edgings and more. I have read your patterns to make all the stitches. I don't know what hk means in your pattern. SL St in 1st CH from hk and in each CH across. Please help