My Mountain Design Contest

 If you have been following my twitter or facebook status, you know that 2 weeks ago we welcomed Little Man into our family. He came early, but was a very healthy 8lbs 7 oz, so was in no way "under cooked".  He has been doing fantastic since birth, me not as easy.  Not to get into too much detail, but my recovery from this c-section was a lot slower then CJ because I couldn't take any real pain killers.  I learned from my c-section from CJ that, surprise, I am actually allergic to any pain killer stronger then a basic ibuprofen.   Needless to say, recovery was much slower.  Good news is that my recovery was steady, just slow.  And I am WORLDS better now (minus the normal no sleep of course that comes with a 2 wk old.)

To take my mind off of the rough recovery, I turned to a new yarn and easy project.  I pulled out Schachemayr's Boston (a bulky wool blend) and a N/ 9mm hook.  Nothing like crocheting with a big yarn and big hook for some instant gratification!  I originally requested the yarn to make a hat for My Mountain's Design Contest.  I figured that I would have a little bit of time before little man came and why not have some fun?  Little did I know that the yarn would actually do more for me then me to it!  I started these two hats when I came home from the hospital just to keep my mind busy. Not even thinking of the contest, I just wanted to play.  Day to day I might have crocheted a round or two, which is painfully slow when you have less then 50 sts in each round.  I didn't mind.  Playing with how the colors related to each other and creating new plaid patterns, kept me entertained.  After I finished the first, I noticed a huge improvement on my mood and I jumped right into the second.  The second went so fast I actually just crocheted it in one afternoon whiley my sister held the little man.

The first is a slouchy hat in extended single crochet to get that bumpy texture.  The plaid is done by weaving in strands of yarn in and out of the stitches.  The second is a cloche in back loop only to get those crisp horizontal lines.  The plaid on it is by slip stitching on top of the fabric.

Now that CJ and I have our winter hats all ready to go.  I totally am addicted and want to make one for little man as well.

If you have time, check out My Mountain's facebook page.  The projects that are coming in for the contest are fantastic!  I have really enjoyed watching what everyone has been creating.

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Voie de Vie said...

The hats are great, but congrats on Little Man's arrival, and to your recovery.