Berroco Crochet Patterns

Earlier this year I was working on a surprise collection of patterns that I didn't get to tell you anything about.  Today, one of them is ready for you and I can't wait to spill all the beans!

A couple of TNNA's ago, I approached Norah Gaughan if Berroco would need any crochet help.  Anything from design to editing to graphics.  I have always loved crocheting with Berroco yarns not only because I like to work with their fibers, but I also really appreciate how cost effective they are to work with. Berroco was the first yarn store yarn I ever purchased and I have loved them from then all those years ago.

Now if you have been reading my blog for a while, you also know that I really admire Norah's work.  I love her innovative style and construction.  I am constantly being inspired by her designs and work.  Needless to say, when Norah asked me to collaborate with her on a collection of crochet designs for Berroco and KnitBits, I was thrilled.  Beyond thrilled.  Getting to work with someone you admire, and getting to brainstorm and speak crochet with them, it was a dream.

Norah sent me some inspiration photos and yarn, and I set to work on swatching and sketching.  Then we collaborated on all the details of the schematics and came up with 6 designs.  The first is released today.

Berne Lace Vest is a great design for those who are still nervous about crochet garments.  This piece is one large rectangle with holes for the arms.  The simple shaping needed for those arms are all detailed in crochet diagrams to make it as clear as possible.  The lace pattern is quickly memorized to make for a fun crochet project.  Captiva yarn is used for this project which is a blend of cotton and polyester.  It has a really nice sheen and drape when crocheted to make a standout project.

You can get the free pattern here at Berroco.  (and yes, it comes completely diagrammed as you would expect all my patterns are!  Got to Thank Berroco for that.)  Be sure to sign up for the KnitBits newsletter to catch the other 5 projects that will be released later this year and next year.

Hope you enjoy!  I know it was a joy for me to work on.


Jocelyn Sass said...

This is really beautiful, Robyn! I also LOVE Berroco yarns!

Unknown said...

Ooh Robyn, I, too love berroco yarns... And I love your patterns! Perfect combination. Can't wait to see the rest of the designs!