Crochet Today Winter

Thank goodness for friends!

On Friday, Ellen emailed me to say hi and compliment a shawl of mine in the latest issue of Crochet Today.  I am so sadly sleep deprived, I nearly wrote her back saying "thanks, but I don't have a project in that issue".  But no, she is right, I am just way to tired to function.

I definitely don't remember when I designed this shawl.  I know it had to be early summer or late spring, before my laptop crashed.  I do remember crocheting it though and loving how it turned out.  I liked playing with how to close it, as you can see in the pictures.  It was a quick one to crochet with an I/9 hook.  Definitely something you can make in a weekend.  It uses the same principle of top down raglan construction, just applied to a shawl versus a top.

My other project in the issue is a pair of earrings.  Now, these I do remember doing.  I was on a HUGE jewelry kick this spring.  I think I designed at least a dozen pieces that will be popping up in random places this fall and winter.  These earrings are one of my favorites though.  They are very simple circles with bead chains between some single crochets.  The last round has a few chain spaces to make the loopy bits, but nothing that is difficult.

So nice to see these pieces, I am still laughing that I forgot they existed!  


Voie de Vie said...

Very nice - how you catch up on some sleep, and that the little one is doing well. :)

Oombawka Design said...

Both pieces are so lovely - I now want to buy the issue to get that lovely shawl pattern :) Thank you for sharing on Sulia! Rhondda