Surprise Project!

Its nice when projects that you think have gotten put at the bottom of the pile of publishers get picked up!

I finished this project for Caron in January and just saw it show up on my Ravelry list.  (yay for Ravelry!)
I am very excited to see that it is getting published.  It is a really cute shawl.

It is made from all motifs that are crocheted together as you go.  You can make it in really any size you want. You can see from my in progress photos that it would be great at a capelet or poncho length, as well as the cape length.

You can play with how you style it too.  I like the waist band at the waist so the top is baggy and you have more room to move.

You can find it in Crochet! Magazine Warm and Cozy.

Showing Waistband
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Judith said...

Hi! I have a question about this. I worked all 8 Motif As and they are all joined except the first to last. From the way the diagram looks there should be 2 free petals at the top of each Motif where the neckline is. Now when I go to join the last Motif A to the first Motif A it seems like it is connecting in a weird spot, and it leaves 7 free petals at the top instead of 2. What am I doing wrong?

KaitLavin said...

I love this! Could even extend the waist a few more rows and wear it over leggings! Totally going on my to do list!