Road Trip: Destination... New KCN Season!

Brett and I on set filming our last episode of the Season.
Honestly, I was shocked when it was announced that Annie's purchased Knit and Crochet Now and wanted to produce more seasons a few weeks ago.  After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I looked at the calendar and thought uh oh, I have a lot of exercise to do before we tape- yes, vanity was my first thought!  Then I started to get really excited for seeing friends and going to crochet camp for a few days.

See no matter how prepped I am, I am always crocheting backstage for a segment.  Its like a think-tank for a few days talking about the best way to show knitting and crochet techniques    We are always brainstorming new ideas to show viewers.   There will be days at breakfast we throw out an idea, spend time between breaks crocheting, and film that idea after lunch.  One of those it is the picture of me and Ellen.  I had totally different sleeves for my secret project, and crocheted new sleeves then showed how to insert them on camera the next day.

Ellen and I backstage.  Me crocheting for the following day.
Are you scratching your head when I said Ellen?  Well, let me break the news first!  Ellen Gormley has joined the cast!  She is my better half showing crochet techniques too.  Ellen is great.  She and I used to get to spend time together when I lived in Cincinnati.  We actually met through our husbands first versus at a conference funny enough.  I always say I want to be just like Ellen when I grow up.  She is so professional and has such a great work/ family balance that I am always picking her brain when we get together.  Plus, she loves being outside just as much as I do and we go walking whenever we are together.  How can you beat that?

This season will bring some classic crochet projects and a few head scratchers that will leave you saying, WOW crochet can do that?  Really it was so fun to demo.  Another twist is that I switched knitting partners.  Maggie had a secret filming shoot to get to in LA, so she taped first and I taped my episodes with Kristin.  It was so great getting to spend time with Kristin she is so much fun to hang out with along with Candi.  They could be their own comedy routine with each finishing each others thoughts.  At one point, I was worried Brett and I would lose our voice from laughing so hard.
Brett and Fred playing on set.

As always, we had the fabulous people at Detroit PBS to thank for hosting us.  They make it so easy to film.  The camera crew are all welcoming and inviting making us feel at home.  (You can see how much we love them with Brett and Fred joking around during a break).  Honestly, they are fantastic and really make you feel at home in their space.  It is so nice of them.  Then there is our makeup artist/ life coach, Amanie Mokdad, who makes you look great inside and out.

This season was so fast in taping.  Letting us laugh a bit at that.  Only took what 5 seasons for us to get the swing!  But swing we did.  In and out in less then a week, with 13 more episodes coming your way.  Plus, the good news we will be filming another season this spring!  Now if Pittsburgh would just start playing them, I could see my friends doing what they do best!  On that, there are a few secrets Candi has up her sleeve for getting the episodes out there.  Can't wait to share those secrets!  Its good stuff!
Makeup Room.  Go from exhausted mom to put together in 40 mins,  Amazing Amanie to thank!
Backstage whilrwind of hooks, needles, and yarn!
Dressing Room.  Those are just Brett's jewelry.  I always want to live in this room drooling over them. 
Set and Camera.  Yes, we have 4 cameras filming.  It is such an impressive studio and crew!


Doris said...

YAY! You GO, GoCrochet... I mean Ellen. Break a leg!

Katelyn said...

Thanks for the backstage look! I wish that I could watch the show, I am on the eastern side of PA but used to watch the show every week when we lived in CA for a year. I was so disappointed when I found out that I couldn't want it anymore! How do you get PBS to understand!!! They don't even have the show available on their iPad app, tried that one too!!