5 reasons I am in love too...

Toni posted her 5 next contentors for an afghan in her house, want to weigh in?

The next book, Unexpected Afghans, due out this summer; is hands down one of my favorite books/ projects/ jobs I have worked on yet.  Ok, so mainly because I got to work with so many of my favorite designers... very true.  But the projects they came up with out of the blue or from my sketches/ inspiration photos were so amazing and breathtaking that I am just in love.  So fair warning, I am going to gush all summer long about how much I love them.  But till then, we will have to just get by on these little previews!

(btw, when editing/ drawing Megan's Tunisian afghan I may or may not have crocheted half of one of my own...)

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Unknown said...

Now you've got me curious! Tell us more about why you ended up re-working it?