Simply Crochet's Countdown to Fun: Mystic Cuff

Hey today's stop is right here!

In the book besides assembling a fantastic group of designers, I got to design a bunch of the projects too.

The book pretty much started with this cuff for me. It was one of the first things I made here in Pittsburgh. I had to google where the closest Jo-Anns and Micheals are located compared to the house. Because even though this is a very very quick cuff, I made about 10 before I got it just right. I must have changed the way the beads get attached a dozen times; besides changing the shape and color of the beads too. If you have been in my jewelry class, you have seen all the rejects.

The cuff is a lovely Victorian edging (yes, its in the encyclopedia if you where wondering) with beads threaded onto the foundation chain. You know that I love jewelry. I have a few other jewelry patterns for sale over at Interweave. Can you tell I have a definite style? Bright, bold, thread.... that's all me. Plus, is there anything quicker and cheaper to make? They are perfect for my life now. CJ destroys so much jewelry I wear, and when I can whip one up for under 2 dollars...brilliant!

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