Countdown to Baby Blueprint: Robot Burt

While sketching and swatching for the book, I was in my first trimester of my pregnancy. And from the crazy amount of ideas and concepts I came up with for boy clothes and toys and accessories, I was convinced (and I mean loony pregnant lady convinced) that CJ was going to be a boy. Well, I was totally wrong. But at least I got a bunch of really fun projects out of the deal.

This is one of those projects. I knew from the beginning sketch that Robot Burt had to be apart of the book. He is quite simple in construction, just a bunch of cubes and a few applicas that sew together. You can keep him snuggly or robot him up with wire (depending on how old your little one is of course). I kept him snuggly since I know that when he comes to live in our studio both CJ and Faye will take equal amounts of time loving on him.

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