Countdown to Baby Blueprint: Callum Pullover

Looking for your basic baby sweater? When this is it.

Callum was designed to be a shell that you decorate to make your own. I wanted a easy sweater with a simple stitch pattern and simple construction. Callum certainly has both of those, plus easy to wear since the seam opens all the way on the shoulder for even more head room. I decorated mine in the book with a dino applica, but you could easily swap in the flower applica from Joni or the frog applica from Froggie.

Basically you have lots of options with this one.

The yarn is Classic Elite pebbles which works well for an early fall or spring sweater.

The funny story is that Callum was never supposed to be photo'd on this cute little girl. Callum was supposed to be photo'd on one of the little boys. Not because I think girls can't wear dinos; since I don't. CJ wears dino's, robots, monkeys, you name it. But because I named this one after one of our dear friends' little boy. They were the test couple in our group from college that went first and then became the parenting gurus to the rest of us. They live in CA, so I only really know him from online pictures and videos; but let me tell you he is so funny and hilarious that it would have been impossible not to be inspired by him. What they did capture is how fun I wanted this sweater to be, just like our little buddy is.

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Tiffy McN said...

Awwww. . . thanks, guys. The C-man would probably love the flower version, too. :)