Countdown to Baby Blueprint: Kyla Mod Stroller Blanket

What would a baby crochet book be without a granny square afghan? Only problem is that I really don't like the look of the traditional ones with blocks all of the same size- big surprise, right?

Instead, I designed one with rectangles and squares together. All the blocks are tactile in some way, either lacy for easy thumb sucking or bumpy for rubbing, or both. The yarn is super soft in Blue Sky Alpaca's dyed worsted weight cotton. The BS yarn comes in fantastic colors too, as you see. The blocks are joined by a simple sc join, where you use the back side of the stitch for the front of the work. That's how you get the little dots between the blocks.

The blanket comes with ties so you can strap it onto a stroller or car seat so it doesn't get kicked off.

I named the blanket after one of the names we were considering for CJ. We had about 10 when we left for the hospital. We decided on her name right before she came out. I still liked all of our names, so I used a few in the book. Especially for this blanket, since the color combo was her theme colors in the baby room in our Cincinnati house.

I have to thank Diane for the great work on this blanket. She crocheted it while CJ was just a few days old. It was so great to open the box to find how lovely it turned out while I was still so sleep deprived.


Dana (*danavee*) said...

ARGH! These posts are killing me! I want this book in my grabby little hands now!

I'm loving what I'm seeing!

K @ Aurora Blythe said...

I love the variation in block size that you have. Makes the whole look so much more interesting when pieced all together.

Beth said...

i love this idea. are there holes in the squares that allow for the safety belt to be pulled through?

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE this blanket and want to make it for my daughter...however, in the book (pg 126) in the instructions for block B (Lattice Stitch Pattern Block), the pattern does not tell how many to chain or give any instructions at all except for the last round. HELP! Thanks so much! You can contact me through my blog.

Nandini said...

I'm fairly new to crocheting but I needed a personal gift to give to my cousin. I had seen a quirky block blanket by a fellow blogger and while I like the fun movement of the different shaped blocks, they were all the same pattern. When I went to my local craft store to pick up the yarn I saw your book. Eureka! the mod stroller blanket is absolutely perfect.
I have 3 weeks to finish it up. I'm still working out the first square. lol. I'm sure I'll get it soon enough. I just wanted to tell you how much your patterns appeal to me and I look forward to following up with the completed blanket. :)

Unknown said...

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