Countdown to Baby Blueprint: Peapod Slippers

These slippers were another design that came in my brainstorm of boys fashion when I was sketching out the book. I have no idea why I was instant that we have slippers, but I just were.

Turns out they are one of CJ's favorite things to play with in my studio. She loves slipping them on her feet and then Faye's feet. It is very cute to watch. I think there is a picture in the book of the cute model wearing them too.

They are started at the top and worked in one piece to the bottom sole. There are options for a stiffened base or a soft one. If your cutie is a new walker, I would add stickies to the bottom so they don't slip on hardwood.

The yarn is the lovely Lion Brand Cotton bamboo.

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Walden said...

Absolutely love them!