Perfect Timing

Some times things come at the exact right time.

I was going to tell you about my latest design out at Crochet Today and remind you about classes I will be teaching in Columbus in a few weeks. The two go so well together it is perfect.

I am teaching Baby Crochet 101 and Crochet Like a Pro in Columbus, OH June 12-13.

Baby Crochet 101 goes through everything you need to become your own designer. We will focus on baby and kid sweaters. It is a great class for anyone who loves to make baby clothes but wants to break out from patterns, or anyone who wants to learn more about crochet design.

Crochet Like a Pro teaches you how to make your handmade garment look anything but handmade. We learn about stitches that make your fabric drape, blocking that can transform your life, and finishing processes that can turn heads.

Both classes are a great for anyone from an advanced beginner and beyond. They also are great classes for local yarn store employees to pick up some tips to use with their crochet customers.

How does this go with the Stargazing Sweater from Crochet Today? Well, I used the style we talk about in Baby Crochet 101 mixed with the embroidery finishing and lightweight fabric we talk about in Crochet Like a Pro. Honestly, I even thought to myself as I was making it that this sweater would make a great tool in these exact classes.

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