Livin in the Crazy

So you guys know by now, that my life is SO glamorous.

Well, it only got more so with us getting the house ready to list. Normal people just need to clean up and take some of their things to storage, and they are good to go. We've never been normal. Every room needs some major work done to it, since we evidently have project ADD. Like we started the kitchen remodel 4 years ago, put in the new cabinets and countertop; but did not lay the hardwood floor or trim. Or in the dining room (aka my studio) we painted one wall and installed the shelving unit, but didn't paint the ceiling or install the new light fixture. And the list goes on and on. We get something half done and then hop on to something else. Sure sounds harmless when you live in your house, not so much when you are getting it ready to sell.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I am pretty darn proud that I am still functioning let alone getting my deadlines out the door. This one I sent off last week (granted it feels like a month ago in my time). It is a really cute garment that went pretty fast in the worsted weight yarn. As you can see in the sneak preview shot, I got fancy with the raglan seams. I just thought they deserved some special treatment. There are so many great knit designs with lace or cables at the raglan seams, and I thought why don't we do this more often in crochet?

Time to get back at it. I have 3 more deadlines this week, plus some rooms to paint, and babe has another ear infection. Never a dull moment. Or really dull if you have been listening to me whine on twitter!


Sara said...

OOOOO! Pretty pretty pretty! I love projects out of worsted and a reglan one at that in crochet?! Yay!!!

Kim said...

I feel for you. That is the same way we do house projects. We did a major renovation when I was pregnant with my second daughter. At this point we don't have any room completely done. I hate to admit that my daughter is 12!

Mary Sarah said...

Love the sneak peak! oooohhhh! Good luck with the house. I have things in my house I haven't completely finished either. I guess they'll get done when we move!

SAM said...

Ha! I feel so much better about my home project ADD. It is like when I goof up in front of customers - they feel so much better knowing the "professional" makes mistakes. Thanks and good luck!

Cindy said...

Oh your new project is lookin GREAT! Good luck on the house.