Gadget Girl

Ok so this tool was made for knitters; but seriously, why wouldn't we use it too?

So simple, one hook with 2 heads that you can attach to anything.

I immediately bought one to put on the diaper bag.

Now if only they would make one with a 5mm on one end and 4mm on the other.


cindy3232 said...
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Holly Days Closet said...

Ok I'm confused how is this for knitters when it's clearly a crochet hook. I being a crocheter I so want one then I'd have a hook with all the time and my family would know I'm really over the edge ;) They already think I'm a crochet nut. I love it.

Robin said...

Easy enough, Holly. Knitters often use crochet hooks to do things like pick up dropped stitches, or even to make a crab stitch edging (reverse single crochets). Many knitters keep a crochet hook in their bag, just in case. But for crochet, this would be ever so much slicker if they had different hook sizes to choose from.

Anonymous said...

exactly right Robin, that is, in fact how I became "hooked". I had crochet hooks lying about for fixes and edges and things on my knitting projects and one day decided there must be something else I could do with these lovely little tools.

Maricruz said...

I have some of these and they come in diferent sizes, a friend of mine brought them to me from Colombia. They are lovely and very usefull

Regards from Venezuela!