Crafty Supermarket

Crafty Supermarket
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Yesterday, a few crafty friends and I went to the Crafty Supermarket in Clifton (a neighborhood of Cincinnati). We all left with something, so I would say it was a success. Actually, it was fantastic. It was some of my favorite etsy sellers all together, what is there not to like? I actually debated being a fangirl with some of them, but I decided to just say I love their work and leave it at that. To be honest, I pretty much told every vendor I loved their work, because I really did. Everyone had different styles and the design inspiration was just flowing you could tell.

Here are my treasures I picked up:
Blue Flowered Earrings from Kitsch Cafe
Embroidered Yellow Button from Says You Embroidery
Linked Gold Ring Necklace from Yellowberry Handmade
Brown Flower Button Ring from Fabricate
"Cute as a button" Onesie from Garbella

Now I just can't wait till I can wear all my new beauties!

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