Inside Crochet Issue 6

Two more projects of mine are finally ready for me to show off. I am pretty darn excited.

First off, is the cover project! Yes! the cover!

Floating Wrap- this one I really really wanted to keep. Diane helped crochet this one for me this summer. When I opened the package, I swooned. It is amazingly beautiful. The best is it can be wrapped in a number of ways from a top to a skirt. Make it out of cotton and it can be a sarong, wool can it can be a shawl. The motif is a lot of fun. It uses P stitches, which I have talked about in the past.
Here are a bit more photos for you on my flickr stream.

Patte Cardigan
This one was crocheted by Ginny and I sharing the crochet load. It is really soft and comfy. A great cardigan for the winter. You can make it a size larger then your normal size to curl up with it. Or make it your normal size and show off your waist and hips.
Here are a few more photos on flickr.

You can see the whole issue here. It looks like a fun one!


Molly said...

OMG I just think I can visit your blog!! Your work is very pretty and how great you are on the cover. They know good when they see it. Congrats

Cindy said...

OOOooo Aaaaaahhh just candy for the eyes they are so beautiful.

Luba Davies said...


Molly Made said...

Love the shaping on the cardigan! Very flattering. : )

Anonymous said...

I've completely fallen in love with the drape shawl, I think I'll try to make that. Fantastic inspirations! I'm not as good as you, but I have some stuff coming up on my page check it out soon :)