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I thought after weeks of silence it was time for an update. Book work is back on at the CBF headquarters. Amazingly, CJ is letting me get a bit of work done each day. Not a ton, but hey, a little is better then none.

We have been doing a lot of swatching during play time. So much so, that these are the rejects from a recent book project. I love when that happens, because I get a bunch more ideas for future projects. See, just because the stitch pattern doesn't work in the yarn I am using at the time; doesn't mean it wouldn't be perfect in another.

In these rejects, I already have 3 more projects in mind; which is awesome. B/c I have found that inspiration is the hardest thing to muster in my sleep deprivation. Writing and crocheting are not hard for me, but my creativity definitely has suffered. Swatching to the rescue! (for sure)

Oh yeah, back to the book. I have 4 more projects designed and 3 more written. And 3 that are being crocheted as we speak. (the goal is 12 finished by New Years, btw). So we're on our way. Slowly, but on the road; which is great. I figure as long as we at least touch book work everyday we have been successful. I'm not trying to push it, since I am way too new to the working mom gig. Well, enough procrastinating, back to writing before CJ wakes up from her nap.

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anastaciafreak said...

love the swatches, the patterns are so nice.