Baby Inspiration

one of my favorite gifts so far
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Finding cute baby clothes can be incredibly challenging. Especially for a mom like me, that doesn't dig overly frilly, girly, cutiesy-poo baby clothes. I like baby clothes to look like clothes I would wear, yet be easy to put on and machine washable.

And that's my design mojo when I design baby crochet, as well.

So when our friend, Tiff, gave CJ this dress; I was thrilled. It is exactly what I love. So naturally, I had to run to the brand's website and check them out. Totally inspiring for me! Exactly the same style that I hope to acheive with my work.


Tiffy McN said...

YAY!!! I'm so glad you like it!

Blanket America said...

Love the way the dress has turned up...a little crochet lace can make the dress look gorgeous and wonderful.