Berry Sneak Preview

Sneak Preview
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This is my first full project that I completed with CJ. From concept to completion, she was my little assistant.

The project has a great berry stitch pattern that is easily memorized since it really only has 2 rows that repeat. That makes for very easy baby crocheting (that's crocheting while feeding, rocking, playing with your baby). Actually the whole project is brain friendly. It had to be, since I don't have much of one these days with our lack of sleep.

My favorite part is the sleeves, which you will just have to wait to see. They flutter around you in the best way. That is half due to the yarn and half the construction.

The project comes out this spring and I'll let you know where and such then. Till then, I'm just happy that we actually designed and crocheted an entire project together. Sure, it will be a week late; but we completed it. That in our book is a total success as a new mommy getting her groove back.


JCDiTaranto said...

As a mother of four, I find it very impressive that you've been able to do something as brain-intensive as designing anything within the first few weeks of new motherhood! Congratulations! Love what I've seen of the stitch pattern and yarn.

Shelby Allaho said...

You are amazing! I am just now getting back into designing after 3 years of motherhood!

JT said...

Well done! I never totally got back into crocheting after becomming a mommy. I managed some knitting but nothing like I used to. He is 8 now!!!!

Kate Lock said...

Well done you for even thinking about picking up a crochet hook at this stage! Do you have a baby pouch? My son (now 7) spent his first 9 months virtually living in one - they keep baby close to mum (= happy baby) and mum's hands free (= happy mum!) Love the designs!