What a crochet designer does while on leave...

CJ's First Sweater
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She crochets.

So yes, I am taking a break from designing and projects for CBF, the book, and magazines. But that doesn't mean I put down my hook.

I am very lucky that my hobby and job right now are one in the same. And I rarely take a break from work. Usually as soon as I finish one deadline, I'll hop right on to swatching for more submissions and come up with more designs. This time I am really trying hard to sit on my hands from doing that, knowing I'll have no time once CJ comes.

So instead, this weekend I whipped out a little sweater for her. It is my design, not from a pattern. Normally, I would be thinking how to write this up, where I want to publish it, etc. Not this time. I made a promise to not add anything to my work to do list and I am sticking to it. I crocheted this little sweater for CJ and CJ alone.* It was fun for me and hopefully she'll look super cute in it.

Now in full disclosure, I do have a pattern coming out this winter that is similar to this sweater. I used it for the base of this one, so this sweater is sort of like a preview of that one. Granted that one has different yarn, gauge, and style. Ok they only share the same stitch pattern, but it still could be a sneak preview, I think you'll see it too when it comes out.

The yarn I used was Spud and Chloe Sweater. I had a skein left over from a project in the book. The button is a little clay doggie that a friend gave me years ago.

It was really relaxing getting to crochet for the fam and not have to worry about taking notes along the way. I have a couple more projects planned this week to keep me busy while we wait for her little debut. If they come out cute, I'll share them with you.

* I am not writing this up as a pattern, so please please don't ask. This is the first break from writing I have taken in years, and I just want to enjoy it. But do not get mad either, I know for a fact that there are some just as cute baby sweaters coming out this winter that will keep you happy. They just won't be this one or from me. But they will be incredibly cute! I'll let you know when they are out at the newsstand. *


Yarn Princess said...

It's adorable! And, although it looks like something I could handle, CJ deserves to have something special - a one of a kind! :)

JCDiTaranto said...

It's great that you can crochet purely for pleasure despite being a designer -- enjoy it! And best wishes for health and happiness as you prepare for CJ's arrival!

Mary Sarah said...

Adorable. I think little CJ deserves a one of kind creation from her mama!

Anonymous said...

I love it! So will CJ...see you on Sunday.
Mom aka CJ's Bubbie

Bean said...

or..everyone could take a page out of your book, stretch themselves and make thier own pattern. You deserve a rest...if anyone bugs you...give'm my email...I'll yell at'm for ya! ;-)

Unknown said...

Its lovely Robyn & I'm glad that CJ's getting a one of a kind sweater from her momma. You & she deserve it! Its also nice to see you getting the chance to enjoy crocheting something for your family, not a book. Just don't get too used to it! LOL! :)

MelB said...

Oh wow I really like your little red cardie for your little baby!!(not asking you for the pattern but looking forward to the similar one coming out soon!) Can't wait - hope its on your blog for the updates!
Mel ( yarnatheart.blogspot.com)

E.J. Stevens said...

Wow, this is such an adorable sweater. CJ is very lucky!