Sneak Preview: New Book 10

This is the last sneak preview I have to show you for a few months on the new book. I turned in half the manuscript and projects this week, and the remaining is not due until the end of the year. I worked out that long of a lead time on purpose for little miss CJ.

With the shipment of the projects out the door, I am officially starting my maternity leave. I plan on taking a month off once CJ comes and doing only things I want/ can do with her (and our lack of sleep). That reminds me, that while I am off for that month (starting whenever she decides to come) I will not be checking my email either. So if you have project questions, you will have to be patient with me. I'll get back to you but it will be slow for a while this fall.

Now that all the deadlines are met, I'm off to play. I have a few projects of my own that I wouldn't mind crocheting and sewing while I have the chance. Hope you are enjoying your holiday too!

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