Getting back on the bike

On Friday I officially crossed off the first of 25 projects for the book that I need to design and write. (See, the swatch in the picture. Not in those colors, so you will have to let your mind imagine). It just was the best feeling to be writing again. And writing for me.

Designing for your own book is very similar to designing for magazines, except in one very unique way. Instead of formatting and styling the pattern to another person's way; you get to write it anyway you want. I really love that freedom, and get excited to think of ways to best describe technically how to crochet the pattern and the best way to describe the aesthetic of the design.

Good thing too, since priorities have changed a bit around here. Not at CBF headquarters, but at Casa Chachula. As most of you know, I lead a double life. On any given day I am both crochet designer, and structural engineer (as well as doggie mom and such). But today marks the last day of being the latter, not due to interest (I actually really enjoy that job) but due to the stinky building economy. (Aka, no one building or repairing = no jobs for architects, engineers, contractors and such) We are not upset, we have seen this coming for months and months and have gotten prepared for the outcome (changing healthcare and loss of income). Plus, I can't dwell on things I can't control, I just look at it as an opportunity. Since the economy stinks and I am in my third trimester, its not likely that another structural engineering job will pop up anytime soon; so I am looking at it as a time to work on the book and get ready for CJ.

I'm actually pretty excited to give crochet design a chance to flourish full-time, and see what I can conjure up in the next few months. And there is plenty of work to be done around CBF. I have the other 24 book projects, plus 3 magazine projects to finish, and 1 book contribution project. Those alone will keep me busy for months, which is great.

Best part is just turning the next page in our book of life. We don't know what will happen, but boy are we excited! I'll try my best to keep you up to date on the journey. Hope you will enjoy the ride with me.


Annie said...

No one deserves to succeed more than you do, baby! You're brilliant, you work hard and you have an amazing attitude. Go Robyn!

(ps, my word verification is "upper" - must be a class thing...)

Amy said...

Good luck on the next part of your journey! I only met you for a portion of a day (at TNNA), and even then I didn't get to talk to you much, but I ca

Amy said...

Ummm... that was weird! Sorry... what I was going to say was that I could tell you would succeed in whatever you set out to do. You just have that kind of personality and drive about you. Good luck again :)

KnittingBetsy said...

Very best wishes to you in your new phase of life. The timing does seem perfect with the baby coming! I'm a big fan of yours from TV and your patterns. Keep up the beautiful work, and your great attitude!!

Fruitful Fusion said...

You are very talented so I'm sure things will work out for the best for you. I recently corcheted some of your motifs and looking forward to doing some more soon. I'm a Mechanical Design Engineer when I have a profession yet I spend most of time now being Mum and crocheting!

Way Out Wear said...

Wow. I'm sorry to hear this but you have such an excellent attitude I know you'll do very well. And I'm sure you'll look back and feel it was the best way for things to happen. Congratulations on your terrific outlook and I'll continue to support you as best I can.
Wishing you much success!

DesiLoop said...

All the Best Dear. Everything happens for good. Take Care