TNNA Fibery Goods Winners

Congratulations to ......

Rebecca and Linda! You both are the winners of the fibers from TNNA and Louet. I hope you guys enjoy them! I split all the entries into 2 categories, new how to spin and beginner/ wants to learn. Then I chose at random from those categories. Thank you everyone for commenting. I was great fun to see what projects you all would make.

Here's what they had to say about Spinning and Crochet:

Rebecca: "mmm yummy nepps! my favorite way to spin is a mildly thick/thin dk weight... and then i usually crochet scarves...although, i made my sissy a coat from my handspun for Christmas last year!" - I was blown away by her talent to not only crochet a coat but spin the yarn too!

Linda: "aw, what the heck, i think this post is what pushed me to finally learn to spin today. so far i make thick slubby stuff since i am a beginner, which i'll probably make into my go-to: hats." - Well, learning how to spin from inspiration on my blog post. Wow! And if any of you are familiar with Linda, you know that as soon as she gets spinning down- we'll be seeing amazing yarn!

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Linda P said...

thanks robin! now the pressure's on to keep spinning. :)