Inside Crochet Issue 2

On Monday, Inside Crochet Issue 2 will be hitting newsstands in the UK*. Which means it is time for a preview! Check out some of the projects here.

In this issue I have 2 projects and one motif article. The projects were nail biters, since the yarn was about a month late and we didn't know if they would make it into this issue. But looky looky, they did!

Zany Tunic
Crocheted in some lovely Sirdar Baby Bamboo (ravelry link). The silky drape makes the tunic fall on your body in the good way, showing only the positives and not the negatives. The construction and motif are actually pretty easy. It would make for a good first crochet sweater, since once you get the motif down you have the pattern made.

Want some more views? I got some close ups at Flickr. You can also check out the old Sneak preview for more info too.

Flowering Shawl
Crocheted in the yummy Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk DK (ravelry link). The shawl is similar to the tunic in that is it also made from a number of motifs crocheted together as you go. The one key here is that the shawl is not blocked. I know, I know. Totally against my own crochet rules. When I was playing with the shawl, it was just so darn cute all curled up that I decided why fight it and went with the curling texture. The other key about the shawl is that you can wear it in a ton of different styles. I have some show in more views at Flickr. You can see one of the styles below.

You can also see a bit more info at the old Sneak Preview.

Hope you enjoy the issue!

*don't forget you US crocheters, you can get the issue for really cheap by getting a digital subscription. I love my digital subscription, not only is it much cheaper (like 6$ cheaper) then buying it at B&N (they charge like 11$ an issue) but you can get it weeks before too. The US issues usually take an additional 3 weeks or more to come to B&N, and I know I can't wait that long.*


Unknown said...

Wow, those are gorgeous Robyn! Just what I need another reason to be stalking Chapters...lol.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love that tunic! Thanks for the link to the digital subscriptions. I'm in the UK but this is so much easier for me than getting a paper copy.

summergirl said...

I love the sweater. I will have to add it to my queue. I can hardly wait until the electronic version is available so I can download it!

BeeHooks said...

No more digital subscriptions:

We are sorry but this site is no longer operating.
If you had a subscription to a digital magazine then it will have been automatically cancelled and any payment due would have been debited from your credit card before your credit card details were deleted from our databases.

If you had unused Pick & Mix credits and require a refund please contact our finance department on 0131 469 4661.

And I was looking forward to your new designs!

Hélène said...

Hum, I have made my subscription on "www.magazinesondemand.co.uk" yesterday... and today, no more website ! I hope it is not a rip off, because I've given my CC number! Do you know something about that?

Robyn said...

Thanks for the info Hazel on the digital magazine subscription. I didn't see that. I have no affiliation with the distributor. You can always contact the magazine or the parent company KAL Media and let them know.

Here is what I found on the parent company's website:
Due to circumstances beyond our control, YARN forward is not currently available digitally. Our digital magazine provider has gone out of business as of Tuesday 26th May. We are working to implement a new digital platform and will provide you all with details just as soon as we are able. This has been a very sudden turn of events so it may take a little time for us to find an alternative. We thank you for your support and your patience as we find a new digital platform, and welcome your emails with any questions to YF’s editor Shannon at shannon [at] kalmedia [dot] co [dot] uk.

BeeHooks said...

Thanks for the update, Robyn.

Fruitful Fusion said...

I was lucky enough to get the magazine and really looking forward to making the shawl!

Radhyaa said...

helppppppppppp i'm from france i get the 1st issue by magazinsondemand and now it's over! where can i find the 2d issue pleaseeeeeeeee ?????
you can contact me through my blog http://akyno.canalblog.com with "contactez l'auteur"

Robyn said...

If you are looking for the magazine digitally, I suggest you contact the magazine. I have not heard of any new provider selling the magazine digitally. Once I do I will post. If you hear of one before me, please drop me a line.
Best, Robyn