Countdown Crochet

I get asked all the time how I stay on track while juggling crochet projects. Well it is all logistics to me. Basically I breakdown the crochet work into segments and then schedule them out in my calendar.

For example, I really want to be able to wear a version of the RaeAnne Sweater from Blueprint Crochet to TNNA next month. So I figured out how many blocks I have left, then divided them by how many days I have left (taking days out if I knew I would be busy). That came up with I need to crochet 3 blocks a day to finish on time and still have 2 days to finish the edging.

For crochet projects, I do the same thing if they are granny square projects. If they are back and forth stitch patterns, I break them into other kinds of segments that would be of equal time. Like 4 time segments to crochet the back panel, 2 for each front panels, 1 for each sleeves, 1 to seam, 1 to edge body, 1 for finishing, etc. Then divide them by the days I have left before shipping.

My calendar looks like a stylist's with blocks of time hashed out each day for different projects. For me, it makes like easier to know that I have 4 hours a day free for one week or no hours free the following, etc. That way I can figure out if I need to call in reinforcements to help crochet, or if I can handle everything myself. It may seem very anal, and it totally is; but it is my engineer organizer coming out. Plus, it keeps be from being bored, in that I get to jump between different crochet projects all day long.

This week I will be crocheting RaeAnne for me, 2 magazine sweaters, a crochet article, and swatches for the new book. And even though I know I'll be busy, I know I can handle it; and it will be fun hopping around each day.


Frankfort Ave Fibers said...

I'd love to see a sample of one of your calendar days. I wish I could be so organized. How do you get other things worked in? The really mundane things like the post office, dishes, laundry, docs appts, groceries?

Annette said...

Very interesting - as a non-engineer, I need inspiration for my organization!