Ghanzi Sneak Preview

Ghanzi Sneak Preview
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Here's a glimpse of what I was finishing today.

My fantastic cousin crocheted the panels for me. I seamed them and added the finishing touches. One touch I decided to make a step out tutorial since I thought it would be helpful once the pattern is released.

The garment is for a crochet magazine in their Fall issue.

I am quite pleased with the outcome. I think it is mighty cute, and I can't wait to show you all more.


julia said...

Awsome, I love the detail. And thanks for the tutorial. I actually had a vest design I tried this on, but it never made it to submission stage because I couldn't get the closures rigth.

Mary Sarah said...

This is great! Love the stitch detail and frog closures. Thanks for the tutorial!

Unknown said...

Wow, love the design. i am looking forward to seeing it. I also did a really interesting challenge on kint/crochet wear from Knitting Daily.

In the crochet, 2 of your designs were my favorites. Take a look at http://craftygal1965.blogspot.com/2009/05/eight-examples-of-outstanding-knit-and.html